My name is Kimberly Hummel. I’m from Dixon, Illinois and I have always enjoyed photography. My passion for taking photos started when I was young but greatly increased several years ago when my grandchildren were born. I began photographing my grandchildren and slowly progressed into other areas. I was asked to help with an annual Dream Hunt in my area. The dream hunt is a charity organization that allows handicapped children to get experience hunting under supervision. Every year I donate my time and images to help. This event is very dear to me because my nephew who has Down syndrome participates every year; I get the chance to see how positively this experience can help children such as my nephew. I have also taken many landscape shots from places such as Bolivia, Colorado, and Mexico that I obtained while on vacations and traveling the country. I have recently been involved in photographing larger events such as weddings and dance recitals. I look forward to improving my skills with the unique challenges that each new experience presents.

    Feel free to contact me with any questions. I will respond as soon as possible.

    Email: kim@kimzsnapshotz.com

    Cell phone: 815-973-5898

    Purchasing Images

    Images are available for purchase individually. I do not print photos. When you purchase the picture you are buying all rights to use the photo however you wish or print the photo from any source. All photos are available as large files and can be sized anywhere from wallet to poster dimensions.